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no fallback page found for autotranslate (base=PermissionOTRS, lang=⧼lang⧽) The introduction to this article identifies the "source" as being a "live" television interview of William Styron by television talk show host, William E. Marks. Anyone may view this William Styron television interview at the url referenced at the bottom of the article at:

At the time of the television interview, William E. Marks was also publisher/editor of Martha's Vineyard Magazine. After the interview, Mr. Marks published his Styron interview in Martha's Vineyard Magazine. It should be noted that William E. Marks and William Styron both lived on Martha's Vineyard at the time and that they knew each other socially. As a seasonal resident of Martha's Vineyard, William Styron was aware of Mr. Marks' public broadcast of this "in studio" television interview, had seen the interview on local television, and was supportive of Mr. Marks' airing of the TV interview. William Styron's interview was also published in Martha's Vineyard Magazine. Martha's Vineyard Magazine was owned and edited by William E. Marks when this William Styron interview was published in the magazine. Mr. Styron was aware of his TV interview being published in the magazine and was given copies of the magazine by Mr. Marks for archival; personal use, and distribution.

Even though I use the name, Edward Blaze, as my "Wiki Talk" name - my real name is William E. Marks. This interview was originally published by me on Wikisource with proper documentation, attribution, and Creative Commons license. If further answer or documentation is required - please let me know. Respectfully, Edward Blaze (talk) 08:34, 1 November 2012 (UTC)