Talmud (Rodkinson)/Book 1

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Volume 1[edit]

  1. Dedication
  2. Preface to the Second Edition
  3. Editor's Preface
  4. Brief General Introduction to the Babylonian Talmud
  5. Introduction to Tract Sabbath
  6. Synopsis of Subjects
  7. Chapter I: Regulations Regarding Transfer on Sabbath
  8. Chapter II: Regulations Concerning The Sabbath And 'Hanukah Light
  9. Chapter III: Regulations Concerning Stoves, Hearths, and Ovens
  10. Chapter IV: Regulations Concerning Victuals, Where They May or May Not Be Deposited to Retain Their Heat for the Sabbath
  11. Chapter V: Regulations Concerning What May and May Not Be Worn by Animals on the Sabbath
  12. Chapter VI: Regulations Concerning What Garments Women May Go Out With On the Sabbath
  13. Chapter VII: The General Rule Concerning the Principal Acts of Labor on Sabbath
  14. Chapter VIII: Regulations Concerning the Prescribed Quantities of Victuals and Beverages Which Must Not Be Carried About on the Sabbath
  15. Chapter IX: Rabbi Aqiba's Regulations On Different Subjects
  16. Chapter X: Further Regulations Concerning The Prescribed Quantity of Things To Be Stored

Volume 2[edit]

  1. Synopsis of Subjects of Volume II
  2. Chapter XI. Regulations Concerning Throwing From One Ground Into Another
  3. Chapter XII: Regulations Concerning Building, Ploughing, etc., On the Sabbath
  4. Chapter XIII: Regulations Concerning Weaving, Tearing, Hunting, etc., on the Sabbath
  5. Chapter XIV: Regulations Concerning the Catching of Reptiles, Animals and Birds
  6. Chapter XV: Regulations Concerning the Tying and Untying of Knots on the Sabbath
  7. Chapter XVI: Regulations Concerning Articles Which May be Saved From a Conflagration on Sabbath
  8. Chapter XVII: Regulations Concerning Handling of Utensils and Furniture on the Sabbath
  9. Chapter XVIII: Regulations Regarding the Clearing Off of Required Space, the Assistance To Be Given Cattle When Giving Birth To Their Young and To Women About To Be Confined
  10. Chapter XIX: Regulations Ordained by R. Eliezer Concerning Circumcision on the Sabbath
  11. Chapter XX: Regulations Concerning Certain Acts of Labor Which Must be Performed Differently on a Sabbath and on a Festival
  12. Chapter XXI: Regulations Concerning the Pouring Out of Wine From Vessels Covered With a Stone (Which Must Not Be Lifted), and the Clearing Off of Crumbs, etc., From the Table
  13. Chapter XXII: Regulations Concerning Preparation of Food and Beverages
  14. Chapter XXIII: Borrowing, Casting Lots, Waiting for the Close of the Sabbath, and Attending to a Corpse
  15. Chapter XXVI: Regulations Concerning a Man Who is Overtaken by Dusk on the Eve of Sabbath While Travelling, and Concerning Feeding of Cattle
  16. The Prayer at the Conclusion of a Tract
  17. Appendix