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"[[The American Journal of Science/Series {{{2}}}, Volume {{{3}}}/{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]", in The American Journal of Science Series {{{2}}}, Volume {{{3}}}, ({{{4}}})

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AJoS link


This template enables linking from Wikisource articles (usually author pages) to articles in the the Wikisource project of one of the series of The American Journal of Science.


{{American Journal of Science link|title of article page|series no.|volume number|year of publication|pages}}


{{American Journal of Science link|Observations on a species of Limosella|1|1|1818|14|74-76}}

displays as:

"Observations on a species of Limosella", in The American Journal of Science Series 1, Volume 1, (1818)


The order of the parameters by default is

  1. title of article page = title
  2. series number = series
  3. volume number = vol
  4. year of publication = date
  5. article number = number
  6. pages = pages

though if you use all parameter names, order can be varied. All these parameters are mandatory for a functional template link to be generated.

  • Two optional parameters can be used to override visible text and position on page of work
    • anchor to change the link position on referred page to a predefined anchor
    • author to include the name of the author of the article
    • override_title to change the descriptive text visible for the link.]