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This template enables linking from authored articles in The Encyclopedia Americana project(s) to the appropriate Wikisource author page. It also formats the link similar to the appearance in the printed version of the article.


{{Americana Author|name of the author}}

The terminating period in the author name should be omitted. If the author has an accompanying descriptive label, that can be included using the label option. If the article has been revised by someone specific, that person can be listed using the reviser option. It is possible to have only a reviser. Again, no terminating periods should be included, and the terminating comma or period on the author name should be omitted as well. An optional second argument (no parameter) changes the link to go to that name rather than the one specified in the first no-parameter argument.


Author with no label[edit]

{{Americana Author|John B. McDonnell}}

displays as:

John B. McDonnell.

Author with label[edit]

{{Americana Author|Amos W. Butler|label=Zoologist and Anthropologist, Indianapolis}}

displays as:

Amos W. Butler,
Zoologist and Anthropologist, Indianapolis.

Author with reviser[edit]

{{Americana Author|H. V. Boynton|reviser=Irving E. Rines}}

displays as:

H. V. Boynton.
Revised by Irving E. Rines.

Reviser only[edit]

{{Americana Author|reviser=Ernest Ingersoll}}

displays as:

Revised by Ernest Ingersoll.

Second argument[edit]

{{Americana Author|William A. Hammond|William Alexander Hammond (1861-1938)}}

displays as:

William A. Hammond.