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Annotate QID is a template for annotating non-linked terms using Wikidata QIDs. It's used in this paragraph!


{{Annotate QID|WikidataQID|Text}}






Allows names of people (who are not linked on Wikisource as authors, to a portal page, or to Wikipedia) and other such terms, to be semantically marked up with the corresponding Wikidata QID.

On applicable systems, a tooltip displays the English-language Wikidata description

The term is styled with class=about, so users who wish to do so can have such terms highlighted.


{{AQID|Q27478536|John Moss}}

renders as:

John Moss

with the HTML source being:

<span about="https://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q27478536" title="English banker, railway promoter and slaveowner (1782–1858)">John Moss</span>

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