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To create link plain (lkpl) templates for hosted works where there need to be inter-work or intra-work linking.

[[title(, edition |year)/subpart#(anchor|page)|(text|subpart)]]
  • title = title of work (mandatory)
  • subpart = chapter or entry within titled work (optional)
  • anchor/page = anchors within a work, generally we have page numbers within works, though we can often add an anchor for a specific reference (optional)
  • text = text to display (optional). Note: that if text is missing, subpart is displayed; if subpart is also missing then title is displayed

then maybe

  • edition = where one needs to disambiguate a work by edition (optional)
    converts "title/" to "title, edition edition/"or
  • year = where one needs to disambiguate a work by year (optional)
    converts "title/" to "title (YYYY)/"

  | title   = 
  | subpart = 
  | text    = 
  | anchor  = 
  | page    =

Comment: Where a constructed template using this base template is implemented with positional parameter, then it can be useful to | text = {{#if:{{{text|{{{2|}}}}}}|{{{text|{{{2|}}}}}}|{{{subpart|{{{1}}}}}}}}

Example of use

  | title = The Dictionary of Australasian Biography
  | subpart = {{{link|{{{1}}}}}}
  | text = {{#if:{{{text|{{{2|}}}}}}|{{{text|{{{2|}}}}}}|{{{link|{{{1}}}}}}}}

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