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This metadata template links Wikisource pages to various library catalogue systems.

Authority control numbers can be added manually. If not, and if the page on which the template is used is connected to Wikidata, the template will access authority control information from that project instead


Basic usage, which assumes that data can be accessed from Wikidata:

{{Authority control}}

Multiple parameters can be added directly, which will override data held on Wikidata. The most important of which is VIAF, which, for example, can be added in this format:

{{Authority control|VIAF=}}

VIAF link[edit]

While most authority control is best placed on Wikidata, where it can be used and managed centrally for all of Wikimedia, the presence of a VIAF link on Wikisource should indicate that the data has been checked and verified by a human being on this project. Uses of this template without a VIAF link implies that the data is currently unverified as far as this project is concerned.

Errors in the VIAF records can be reported on Wikipedia, from whence they will be passed on to the VIAF maintainers themselves.


The following data sources are accepted by this template (with the corresponding property number used on Wikidata):

See Wikisource:Authority control for more information.



For Author:Alexander Graham Bell:

{{Authority control|GND=119408643|LCCN=n/79/113947|VIAF=59263727|ISNI=0000 0000 8138 6064}}


For Picturesque New Guinea:

{{authority control|LCCNbook=44033150|ARCHIVE=picturesquenewgu00lind|OL=OL6474514M|OCLC=3415579}}


Note: This function is most theoretical at the moment and does not work well.

For the Nazi Party:

{{Authority control|LCCN=n/79/53942|VIAF=158208288|GND=1012979-0}}

Tracking categories[edit]

Pages using this template can be tracked with the following categories:

Pages with identified errors will be sorted into this maintenance category:

All contained in one overall category:

Maintenance categories

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