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To link internally for References within the body of a work to a Table of Authorities that exists within the work. For this template to function there is the requirement that the pages of the table of authorities have anchors for each of the references in the table of authorities and that the text for each authority/reference is a labelled section utilising <section begin=AUTHORITY /> text text text <section end=AUTHORITY />.

  • title = name of the work in the Page: namespace
  • page = page number of the work in the Page: namespace
  • ref = the reference number
  • name = name setting within <ref>
  • group = group setting within <ref>
{{Authority reference 
|title=A Compendium of Irish Biography 


  1. Biographie Générale. 46 vols. Paris, 1855-'66.
    An interleaved copy, copiously noted by the late Dr. Thomas Fisher, Assistant Librarian of Trinity College, Dublin.

Basis of the template is

  1. In Page: namespace to put the specific reference number in superscript text and to hyperlink to the specific reference in the table of authorities
  2. In the main namespace, where the pages from the work are transcluded, to separately transclude the specific reference text from the table of authorities as a reference <ref>Authority</ref> and to have it appear as use of the Cite extension <references/>.

Extended usage[edit]

Design feature for efficiency is for each specific work the template can be transcluded into another template where title is set for the work, eg. {{IrishBio ref}}