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This template has the Unicode special character - Combining grapheme joiner (CGJ), used for entering particularly hard sequences of characters in Complex scripts.

Example: In most cases the Hebrew accent Metheg is supposed to appear to the left of the vowel point and by default most display systems will render it like this even if it is typed before the vowel. But in some words in Biblical Hebrew the Metheg appears to the right of the vowel, and to tell the display engine to render it properly on the right, CGJ must be typed between the Metheg and the vowel. Compare:

he + pathah + metheg הַֽ
he + metheg + pathah הַֽ
he + metheg + CGJ + pathah הֽ͏ַ
he + metheg + {{CGJ}} + pathah הֽ͏ַ

(The examples in the table may not be supported if you don't have a font that properly supports Hebrew cantillation display. Ezra SIL SR is recommended.)

This template may be substed: הֽ{{subst:CGJ}}ַ.

Note that CGJ is not properly supported on all platforms. It appears to work on recent versions of GNU/Linux-based desktop environments and on Windows Vista, but may not work correctly on Windows XP.