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Template to create a chapter anchor.

  • chapter (or parameter one), the chapter to create a link for
  • title (or parameter two), text to be displayed (optional)

{{chapter|chapter=6|title=Chapter name}}

The output will be a HTML span element with the chapter set as the ID attribute and the chapter name as its contents:

<span id="chapter_6">Chapter name</span>

The value of the |chapter= parameter will be prefixed with the string chapter_ to prevent simple numerical chapter specifications from clashing with the HTML IDs generated by the ProofreadPage extension. In order to make a link to the anchor created by this template, use #chapter_value of chapter param (e.g. #chapter_123 for "123" and #chapter_IV for "IV"). HTML IDs are case-sensitive so make sure any non-numeric value uses the same capitalisation in the anchor and the link.