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This template enables linking from Collier's New Encyclopedia entries (currently just from 1921) to other entries in the same project. This template links absolutely, so it can be used anywhere, including in the Page: namespace.


{{Collier's article link|name of the article}}

{{Americana article link|display name|name of the article}}

{{Collier's article link|display name|name of the article|nosc=yes}}

{{Collier's article link|name of the article|nosc=yes}}



{{Collier's article link|Klondike, The}} gives: Klondike, The

Different link[edit]

Where the underlying link is different from the text, a second variable can be added to override the displayed text:

{{Collier's Article Link|Charles Rann Kennedy|Kennedy, Charles Rann}} gives: Charles Rann Kennedy

No small caps[edit]

Where no small-caps is required, then that can be overridden:

{{Collier's article link|Schurz, Carl|nosc=yes}} gives: Schurz, Carl