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This template is intended to be used on Author: pages to display the first parameter as a Wikipedia link until the year of the second parameter, when it is shown as a red link because its copyright has expired.

e.g. on Author:Thorne Smith


1st unnamed param (optional)
Name to use for this work's link. Optional.
until (or 2nd unnamed param) (optional)
Year when the U.S. copyright is believed to expire. If not given, this will categorise into Category:Pages claiming copyright without date.
display (optional)
Text to display instead of work link.
author (optional)
Author name, will create link to author page if work is specified.
extra (optional)
Extra information about the work (e.g. film by Joe Bloggs). This will go in parentheses after the title.
pubyear (optional)
Year of publication. This will go in parentheses after the title and extra data, if there is any.
renewal (optional)
If the copyright was extended by a renewal of U.S. copyright, use this to include the renewal number ("R" followed by digits)
wikipedia (optional)
Name of corresponding article on Wikipedia, if the article exists
bibliowiki (optional)
Name of this work on Bibliowiki, if it can be found there
wikilivres (optional)
Alternative name for "bibliowiki" parameter


Example 1[edit]

* {{copyright-until|Topper|2022}}

appears as:

  • Topper — Copyrighted in the United States until 2022

In the year 2022, it will appear as:

Example 2[edit]

* {{copyright-until|Topper|2022|pubyear=1926}}

appears as:

  • Topper (1926) — Copyrighted in the United States until 2022

In the year 2022, it will appear as:

Note that because "Topper" has a Wikipedia entry, it can be linked to with:

* {{copyright-until|Topper|2022|wikipedia=Topper (books)}}

which appears as

  • Topper — Copyrighted in the United States until 2022

Example 3[edit]

* {{copyright until|Desire Under the Elms|wikipedia=Desire Under the Elms|bibliowiki=Desire Under the Elms|renewal=R93931|pubyear=1925|until=2021}} — This complex example creates a link to a Wikipedia page and a Bibliowiki page, adds the publication date, and adds a note about the copyright expiration, thus:

Example 4 (no title parameter)[edit]

* {{copyright until||until=2021}}

This example doesn't have a title parameter, so the generated content starts at "Copyrighted in..."

  • Copyrighted in the United States until 2021

After 2021, nothing will be shown, but the page will still be categorised as above.

Example 5 (extra data)[edit]

* {{copyright until|Title|extra=film by Steven Spielberg|pubyear=1973|until=2021}}

  • Title (film by Steven Spielberg, 1973)

This is useful when some versions of a work are still copyrighted but others aren't.

Example 6 (author)[edit]

* {{copyright until|Title|author=Steven Spielberg|pubyear=1973|until=2021}}

This is useful when the template is used on non-Author pages, such as portals and versions/translations pages.

Example 7 (display)[edit]

* {{copyright until|Title (Spielberg)|display=Title|pubyear=1973|until=2021}}

* {{copyright until|Title (Austen)|display=Title|pubyear=1873|until=1921}}

This is useful for disambiguated pages.


Listing work using this template will automatically list work in Category:Pages listing works with possibly expired copyrights allowing confirmation of copyright status and possible addition to Wikisource.