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Collaboration of the Week

The current community collaboration is collecting works related to
Slavery in the United States (1837).

Last collaboration: Leaves of Grass (1860)

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Editors changing this page should be doing so following discussions at the project pages, Wikisource Talk:Community collaboration. Also note that changes to this page require similar edits to Template:Collaboration


For users who wish to show the Collaboration of the Week, they should transclude {{CotW}}, eg. paste {{CotW}} into your page

For administrators modifying CotW, these are the currently available parameters.

  • COTWsubject = a wikilink of the subject or author,
eg. [[Wikisource:Exploration|Exploration]]
  • nextupdate = date of next update (optional, no next-date announcement will be shown if this is omitted)
eg. March 12th
  • image = image to use as the illustration, without [[File::
eg. NARA Logo created 2010.svg
  • lastsubject = a wikilink of the previous subject or author
eg. [[Author:Niccolò Machiavelli|Niccolò Machiavelli]]
  • improvements = url of difference of the history for the start and finish of the previous subject

Base template is Template:CotW/base Implemented template is Template:CotW