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This template simplifies formatting text that is cursive or handwritten.

Note on transcribing handwriting[edit]

Wikisource transcriptions do not include notes or markings that are written on the page after publication. We only include the text as published. That being said, there are some situations where cursive text is part of the work itself, such as:

  • Manuscripts and facsimiles of manuscripts (including handwritten letters)
  • Cursive-style fonts used within a published text, either as a decorative header, an illustration, or otherwise

In these situations, the {{cursive block}} template may be appropriate.

Note on font display[edit]

This template uses the cursive CSS value to identify the text as cursive. The actual font used depends on your web browser. Your mileage will vary. You can modify the font used to display cursive text by changing the settings in your web browser.

As open and close tags[edit]

This template is also available in an open and close format where the <div> needs to span a page break in the Page namespace.

The Wikisource community has requested that a cursive font be added to our platform that can be used as the default font for cursive text. This request is still outstanding.


{{cursive block|cursive}} gives:

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