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This template is the header for entries from A Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 1900 edition.


Blank fields:

 | contributor    = 
 | previous       = 
 | next           = 
 | wikipedia      = 
 | score          = 
 | type           = 
 | notes          = 
Parameter Comment
contributor Name of the contributor, without the Author: prefix. Automatically links to the author's page.
previous Name of the previous entry. Automatically links to the entry.
next Name of the next entry. Automatically links to the entry.
wikipedia Name of the corresponding entry on the English language Wikipedia. Automatically links to the Wikipedia entry.
score Is there a music fragment in the article? If set to yes, will automatically add Category:DMM articles with score
type Article type. Select from the following options: composer (biography of a composer), biography (biography of other musicians), institution (article about a musical institution or society), instrument (article about a musical instrument), work (article about a particular work of music), term (article about a musical term), publication (article about a publication that is not a single work of music), redirect (article consists solely of a "see also"). The articles will be assigned to the appropriate category.
notes Any relevant notes