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This template is intended for use to create each of the 600 or so footer templates needed by the DNB00 project. Almost all of the 29,000+ biography articles in the DNB have a one-line footer in the original source. The footer is merely the initials of the original author, right-justified.

This template adds the right-justified initials with a link to the "author" page for the original contributor.

Wikisource editors who transcribe new DNB biography articles will not in general need to use this template directly. Instead, they will use one of the (600 or so) contributor footer templates, (e.g. {{DNB GCB}}) that in turn use this template.


DNB biographical articles generally end with the initials of the contributor of the article. This template is the underlying template to created the standardised production form for the author listed at Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/List of Contributors

{{DNB footer initials|name=Firstname Lastname|initials=Author initials as displayed}}


{{DNB footer initials|name=Alfred Ainger|initials=A. A.}}
produces → → →

A. A.


When making one of these templates, they are documented by adding <noinclude>{{documentation|Template:DNB footer initials/insert}}</noinclude> as shown in the above example.