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[[Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]

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A plain link to link to another article within DNB. Compared with {{DNB link}} which provides an annotated link including publication detail. The default is to point to an article from one of the original 63 volumes, designated (DNB00).


DNB articles have the nomenclature Surname, Firstname, so the basis of the link is

{{DNB lkpl|Surname, Firstname}}
eg. {{DNB lkpl|Newton, Isaac}} produces Newton, Isaac that links to Newton, Isaac (DNB00)

Noting however, that some references in the volumes may give the name in a standard text context, eg. Isaac Newton, to represent this a second parameter should be used

{{DNB lkpl|Surname, Firstname|Firstname Surname}}
eg. {{DNB lkpl|Newton, Isaac|Isaac Newton}} produces Isaac Newton


DNB also published supplements which can be identified by their year of publication, for example Supplements were published in 1901 (DNB01) and Errata in 1904 (DNB04). A second variable is required to point to these years

  • {{DNB lkpl|Surname, Firstname|year=XX}}

eg. {{DNB lkpl|Munk, William|year=01}} produces Munk, William that links to Munk, William (DNB01)
or {{DNB lkpl|Munk, William|William Munk|year=01}} produces William Munk

Optional parameter

For linking from other works where there is a page reference, or similar, then one can utilise anchor to link to either a page anchor, or a specific anchor. {{DNB lkpl|Surname, Firstname|anchor=XXX}}
eg. {{DNB lkpl|Newton, Isaac|anchor=375}} produces Newton, Isaac that links to page 375 within the article.