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This experimental template will annotate a date in the text. If it shows promise, it will be created as a "proper" template (with /doc, /sandbox, etc.), otherwise it will be quietly deleted. I will experiment with it on this page as well as on pages of Field Notes of Junius Henderson/Notebook 1. Since this is temporarily a taxon definition and sandbox page, use purge to purge this page after editing it.

Warning: If the date cannot be parsed, the link to Wikipedia will not work. Everything else should look just the same.

Date formats which can understand:

  • YYYY-MM-DD (note that the month must be a two-digit number; single digit months do not appear to be recognized)

Current usage (likely to change very, very quickly):

  • {{dated|January 13, 2013}} U+2192.svg January 13, 2013 Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg January 13, 2013
  • {{dated|2012-03-01|First off March, 2012}} U+2192.svg First off March, 2012Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg March 1, 2012

And two disjoined paragraphs:

Jan 12, 1993 Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg January 12, 1993 was a good year for us all.

Beware the Ides of MarchWikipedia-logo-v2.svg March 15, 44 BC!

See also:

Please discuss this template on its talk page.