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Experimental template to add categories to author pages based on demographic information from Wikidata.



Categorisation should be automatic. To correct errors, edits should be made to the corresponding wikidata item. However, manual override is possible by direct parameters.

Supported demographics[edit]

Sex or gender[edit]

Based on Wikidata property P21. Manual override parameter: sex

Data value Categor(y/ies) added
male Category:Men authors
female Category:Women authors
transgender male Category:Men authors
Category:Transsexual authors
transgender female Category:Women authors
Category:Transsexual authors
intersex Category:Intersex authors
unknown value Category:Authors of unknown sex

Sexual orientation[edit]

Based on Wikidata property P91. Manual override parameter: orientation

Data value Category added
heterosexuality Category:Heterosexual authors
homosexuality Category:Homosexual authors
bisexuality Category:Bisexual authors
asexuality Category:Asexual authors

Country of citizenship[edit]

Based on Wikidata property P27. Manual override parameter: country

Uses the subroutine Template:Demography/nationality (currently limited to just a few test cases)

Where there are multiple values held on Wikidata, the template can read up to the first six values.


Based on Wikidata property P140. Manual override parameter: religion

Data value Category added
atheism Category:Atheists
Buddhism Category:Buddhists
Catholicism Category:Catholics‎
Church of England Category:Anglicans‎
Hinduism Category:Hindus
Islam Category:Muslims
Judaism Category:Jews
Sikhism Category:Sikhs

NB: Currently won't work with multiple values

Possible errors and omissions[edit]

The behaviour of this template could be negatively affected by:

  • Lack of standardisation at Wikidata: Certain demographics can be handled in different ways. If usage is different from the usage expected by this template, it will not be picked up.
  • Label changes at Wikidata: This template uses the {{#property}} magic word to return values. If the labels of these values are changed at Wikidata, and this template is not also changed, it will cease to function properly.

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