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Marks a template as deprecated (i.e. do not use this template from now on). Existing templates may be replaced by a suitable replacement.

This template will only be visible (by default) in the Template namespace. If the template is wrapped in <noinclude> tags, it will not be able to categorise instance of the template.


{{deprecated|See the replacement: {{tl|new template}}}}


Deprecate templates, template with this template, will be sorted into Category:Deprecated templates.

Pages that use deprecated templates will be sorted into the maintenance category, Category:Pages containing deprecated templates. This function will only work if the {{deprecated}} template is transcluded with the rest of the deprecated template code (ie. it is not omitted by the use of <noinclude> or <includeonly> tags).

Display in all namespaces[edit]

To display a warning in other namespaces (to more easily determine where in a page a deprecated template is being used), add the following to your common.css:

.deprecated-template-warning { display:inline!important }