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This template is intended for replicating an original work's Table of Contents entries within the Wikisource Page: namespace.



  • chaptertext (1) : the chapter number (optional). Displays in a column to the left of the main text.
  • entrytext (2) : the title of the chapter or entry
  • pagetext (3) : the page number to be linked; can be any text including Roman numerals, etc.; for wikilinking, consider {{Scan page link 2}}
  • symbol : any series of characters or images. Default is a single period. (".") NB! Do not use any templates inside this parameter. Any templates here will be expanded (to much more than the single dot) and then repeated ~50 times for every single line. A large, but not abnormal, TOC observed in the wild generated ~1.5MB of HTML output (and hit the MediaWiki hard transclusion limit).
  • spaces (4) : The number of spaces between symbols — a number from 0 to 10. Default is 1.
  • dotend : Additional text at the end of the line of dots, for offsets etc.
  • pagenum : Display page number to wikilink to; must be an Arabic number
  • positionoffset : use with pagenum to wikilink to compute page number of current document to link to, adjusted for pages of front matter
  • hi : a measure for the hanging indent when text overflows to a second line. Default is 1em.
  • chapter-width : Adjusts the width of the chapter column. Default is 2.5em.
  • chapter-align : Adjusts the alignment of the chapter column. Default is "right".
  • entry-align : Adjusts the alignment of the entry (second) column. Default is "left"; alternate choice: "justify".
  • entry-width : Adjusts the width of the entry column. Default is 80%.
  • col3-width : Adjusts the width of the third column. Default is 2em.
  • col3-align : Adjusts the alignment of the third column. Default is "right"; alternate choice: "center" or "left".
  • dottext : Replaces the series of periods (".") by text.
  • col4text : Adds an extra fourth column after the page number.
  • col4-width : Adjusts the width of the fourth column. Default is 2em.
  • col4-align : Adjusts the alignment of the fourth column. Default is "right"; alternate choice: "center" or "left".
  • textbackground : Adjusts the CSS background of the entry text. Default is white. (Note: this is not the same as "none")


To cater for situations where a desired listing crosses one or more page boundaries, a number of variants upon this template exist, all of which accept the same parameters (and silently ignore any which do not apply to them):

Note: use of the named parameters are preferred when working with any of the boundary-crossing templates above.

Applying {{dotted TOC page listing/top}}{{dotted TOC page listing/continue}}{{dotted TOC page listing/bottom}} (no intervening new-lines between template invocations; all bearing same parameter specifications) should produce the same result as using {{dotted TOC page listing}} with only minor deviations from the same parameters and values normally used in the core template.


  • For an example of the use of {{Dotted TOC page listing}} (combined with {{TOC page listing}}) see: this page.
  • For an example of the use of {{Dotted TOC page listing/top}} (etc.) see: this page (and the next); and how it looks in the main namespace: this page.
  • For examples of pagenum and positionoffset, which work together, see (this page and the other tables of contents in that document)


  • Template:TOC line — redirect usage deprecated 6/7/2014; inconsistent &/or non-descriptive naming.


Because this template uses an entire table for every row, it does usually not export well to devices with simpler CSS engines (e.g. e-readers). It also generates a very large amount of HTML markup. Templates like {{TOC row 1-dot-1}}/{{TOC row 2dot-1}} export better as they result in a single table for the whole TOC. If the amount of HTML is causing issues with the Mediawiki transclusion limits, consider not using dots at all.

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