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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Collective work header/calling template doc.


This template is used to create a header for a work from The Encyclopedia Americana (1906), and is to be used at the top of every entry in the project. The previous and next should be filled in, even when those entries have not been created yet.

If the entry contains no text and is just a placeholder, you can add "True" to the noarticle parameter to flag it as such.

Pages using this template will defaultsort pages based on {{SUBPAGENAME}} unless the defaultsort parameter is used.

This template is built on top of {{Collective work header}}.


  • previous: Type in the name of the previous entry. It will create a link to it.
  • next: Same as above but goes to next entry.
  • wikipedia, commons, commonscat, wikiquote, wikinews, wiktionary, wikibooks, wikiversity, wikispecies, meta relevant links to sister wikis (all optional)
  • notes: = This is useful for notifying the reader of significant changes since the work was written. For example, a town may belong to another country now. This is used infrequently.
  • contributor: name of the author of this section, if not the same as author the overall work. Not wikilinked.



| previous = Achill
| next     = Achilles Tatius

Wikipedia link[edit]

 | previous = Achill
 | next     = Achilles Tatius
 | wikipedia= Achilles

Sister wiki and internal links[edit]

 | previous  = Achill
 | next      = Achilles Tatius
 | wikipedia = Achilles
 | commons   = Achilles
 | related_author = Achilles
 | portal = Achilles

Hide previous and next links[edit]

 | previous = 
 | next     = 


 |previous  = Eupatridae
 |next      = Euphemism
 |notes = Now part of Belgium.