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This template is to simplify entry of properly-formatted geographical coordinates into articles in the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica.

It employs non-breaking spaces and the proper symbols—°, ′, and ″—for denoting degrees, minutes, and seconds of latitude and longitude.

If latitude (N/S) or longitude (E/W) is specified, it automatically produces the EB’s terminal period and also automatically links to the associated 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica article. (If you prefer not to employ the links, you can use the template for the digits and type the latitude or longitude notation separately.)


Where all three divisions are used, the formatting is:
{{EB1911 Coordinates|degrees|minutes|seconds|N/S/E/W}}

However, only the first term is mandatory.
{{EB1911 Coordinates|degrees|minutes|N/S/E/W}}
{{EB1911 Coordinates|degrees|N/S/E/W}}
are both supported.



{{EB1911 Coordinates|1}} produces 1°

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|N}} produces 1° N.

Degrees and Minutes

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|2}} produces 1° 2′

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|2|N}} produces 1° 2′ N.

Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|2|3}} produces 1° 2′ 3″

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|2|3|N}} produces 1° 2′ 3″ N.

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|2|3|S}} produces 1° 2′ 3″ S.

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|2|3|W}} produces 1° 2′ 3″ W.


The notation for N, S, E, and W must be entered with a single capital letter after the last desired entry and should not include an extra period.

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|2|3|e}} produces 1° 2′ 3″

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|||E}} produces 1°

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|0|0|E}} produces 1° 0′ 0″ E.

{{EB1911 Coordinates|1|2|3|E.}} produces 1° 2′ 3″