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This is intended only for use in the Page space Heading box, and creates a standardized close visual representation of the normal page heading. It takes four positional parameters, of which only two or three will usually be present:

  1. The page number, if it is aligned to the left of the page.
  2. The first or only article title to be centered on the page.
  3. If present, the second article title (the end of the range).
  4. The page number, if it is aligned to the right of the page.

Just one of parameters 1 and 4 should be provided, and parameter 2 should always be specified, but there is no error detection if these conventions are not followed. Parameters 2, and 3 if present, are forced to be in uppercase.


{{EB1911 Page Heading|2|bishop}}




{{EB1911 Page Heading||Blantyre|Blasphemy|43}}




Exceptional page headings[edit]

Some page headings include a major section title on the opposite side from the page number, set in medium-large capitals — for example, volume 4, page 122. The current version of this template would require you to use:

{{EB1911 Page Heading|122|Bohemia||{{smaller|[GEOGRAPHY}}}}

or the (almost) equivalent

{{Running header|{{x-larger|122}}|{{x-larger|BOHEMIA}}|{{larger|[GEOGRAPHY}}}}

although that imperfectly centers the central text. Updates to make this easier would be welcome. — A work-around is to add spacing next to the page number, e.g.:

{{Running header|{{x-larger|122}}{{em|2.5}}|{{x-larger|BOHEMIA}}|{{larger|[GEOGRAPHY}}}}

which adds 2.5 em-spaces to the right of the page number and evens up the center. Change the spacing for single or double digit page numbers or different length section text.

Note that the {{em| template doesn't seem to work in the <{{EB1911 Page Heading template, but you can use
& emsp; or & nbsp;
characters. (I had to include a space after the "&" above so it shows on the page - remove the space when using it.