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[[Federal Reporter//Volume {{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]] [[Federal Reporter/|]] {{{3}}}

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Creates a reference to a Federal Reporter case, providing a link to the series page and the volume page.

The first three parameters are "Series" (from 1 to 3), "Volume" and "Case" numbers.

{{Federal reporter|Series|Volume|Case}}

Optional named parameters:

  • "link": a direct link to the article of the case, eg "Stern Electronics Inc v. Kaufman". If this not given, a link will be generates to openjurist.org.
Therefore you can force a link to openjurist by just omitting the link parameter. This may be useful in the tile block of the page itself.
  • "case2": a second case number in the same volume and series
  • "link2": a direct link to the second case (only works if a second case number is given). A link will be generated to openjurist if not given.


Single case, no link
{{Federal reporter|2|282|432}}

282 F.2d 432

Single case with link
{{Federal reporter|2|282|432|link=Stern Electronics Inc v. Kaufman}}

282 F.2d 432

Two cases, second has a link, first does not
{{Federal reporter|2|282|432|case2=433|link2=Stern Electronics Inc v. Kaufman}}

282 F.2d 432, 433

Two cases, both have no link
{{Federal reporter|1|10|432|case2=433|link2=Stern Electronics Inc v. Kaufman}}

10 F. 432, 433

Two cases, both have link
{{Federal reporter|2|282|892|link=Environmental Defense Fund v. Thomas|case2=433|link2=Stern Electronics Inc v. Kaufman}}

282 F.2d 892, 433