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For use within {{header}} (main namespace articles) to link to a related article at English Wikipedia where the page at Wikisource has a correponding Wikidata item. The existing wikipedia field is utilised.

 | title = [[../]]
 | wikipedia = {{import enwiki}}


The wikipedia field is used to manually link to an article at English Wikipedia. Where a wikidata item exists for the edition, or an article in an edition, we can utilise main subject property to automatically retrieve the wikipedia link for that subject

Example: Thom's Irish Who's Who/Cogan, Denis J. which can be linked to the wikipedia article w:Denis Joseph Cogan.


Use of this methodology allows for:

  • target link to be maintained where the subject is changed in the wikidata item for the page
  • target link to be maintained where subject interwiki link is changed
  • if used where no wikidata item, or no main subject is in item, or there is no interwiki for the main subject, the wikipedia link will not show. This is due to the #if: use in the header template, as such it is safe to use.