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This template provides easy, standardised links to portals. Its main purpose is to link from works in the mainspace to thematically appropriate portals.


Add {{indexes|index name}} above the {{header}}. For example:

{{indexes|economic theory}}
 | title    = An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
 | author   = Adam Smith
 | section  = 
 | previous = 
 | next     = 
 | notes    = 
''An Inquiry into the...


  • This is a proposed template which would standardize linking to work indexes (rather than incorrectly using the header's "previous" parameter).
  • Three Wikisource listings can be strung into the term.
  • The template was originally used to link to Wikisource indices in the Wikisource: namespace. Since those indices were migrated to the Portal: namespace, this template has been updated. Portals can be found at Portal:Index.

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