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Documentation for the underlying template Template:Language characters, though also utilised for all templates that are based pre-defined.

To identify characters on a page that are in a language other than English where difficulty is had with typing them as per the transcription. Pages that use this template will be listed at Category:Problematic language or a subsidiary language category [[Category:Pages with missing language characters]] if language has been identified.

Where this template is used in the Page: namespace, the page status should be marked as Problematic (purple).

{{language characters
|language = 
|texttip =
  • language = user defined parameter, eg. Greek, Cyrillic
where language is defined that word will appear as the language type "Greek characters" or "Cyrillic characters", otherwise a default "language characters" is used
  • texttip = guidance to the reader, if required
  • translit
  • trackingcat = optionally, override the default tracking category (which uses the expensive ifexist parser function)

Predefined templates[edit]

To make it easier, the following templates utilise this template and sort accordingly into the respective categories


Formatting of this template is based on {{tooltip}}.

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