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This template is for use on each opinion publication relating to a New Jersey court case. template:NJcase is for use on the main page of each case. After the Header at the top of each page insert the following with the appropriate information:

    |percuriam           =
    |concurrence_author1 =
    |concurrence_author2 =
    |concurrence_author3 =
    |concurrence_author4 =
    |concurrence_author5 =
    |dissent_author1     =
    |dissent_author2     =
    |dissent_author3     =
    |dissent_author4     =
    |linked_cases        =

Percuriam should be omited unless the case was decided per curiam in which case it should be included as "percuriam=yes", similarly for decisions delivered in seriatim the parameter is | seriatim = yes .