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This template is intended to assist in the formatting of material with numbered paragraphs, and uses a <div> based approach.


{{numbered div|1|2[|3|4|pb]}} where


  • 1 number of paragraph or section.
  • @ Override automatic anchor generation.
  • 2 Text of paragraph or section.
  • [3] (optional) Set left margin (in ems) for paragraph section.
  • [4] (optional) Set left margin (in ems) of paragraph numbering (relative to 3).
  • [pb] (optional) Set padding below paragraph section, (defaults to 1em)

Multi page use[edit]

{{numbered div/s|1||[3|4|pb|@]}}
<!-- Page footer-->
{{numbered div/e}}
<!-- Page break -->
<!-- page header -->
{{numbered div/s|||[3|4|pb|@]}}
<!--page content 
{{numbered div/e}}

/s and /e calls must be correctly nested if you have them inside each other.

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