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This template is used for the laws of the Philippines. This handles the laws that modify other laws in some way, like repealing or amending. This should be used inside {{PHLawHeading}}.


Set action to either amend or repeal. After, add the list of abbreviated laws that the page amends/repeals separated with |. Add all the law explicitly states that it repealed/amended.

{{PHLawAmend|action=amend|...}} for amending
{{PHLawAmend|action=repeal|...}} for repealing

Sections of the law can be specified with # then the section in abbreviated form.



This will also automatically categorize the page into a special category that lists the laws that amend/repeal that law. For example, {{PHLawAmend|action=repeal|RA 165}} will categorize the law page into Category:Republic Acts of the Philippines/repeal/Republic Act No. 165. When adding for the first time, these pages will be blank/empty, and so, add the template {{PHLawAmend/category}} to that page to make that into a hidden category and to add more information.