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Specifically created for use with content typically found in published Public Law or pending legislation authored by the United States Congress, {{PL-indent}} [1] allows for a quick and simple way to customize the text-indent and padding-left values, (measured in em) in most instances where plain or simple text makes up the target content.


{{ PL-indent | {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} | {{{3}}} }} = {{ PL-indent | text | text-indent | padding-left }}
Using this template allows for a scale of slightly noticeable to serious distinction to be made between a document's normal text and any desired line, paragraph or series of paragraphs & sub-paragraphs without the need for font manuipulation, excessive indentation or unecessary spacing that could provide for improved readibility or flow while still remaing true to the layout and formatting applied in the original.
While useful in differentiating content, specifically the lengthy sections of added, amended or inserted legislative or legal language generally denoted by standard ASCII single or double open and close quotation marks, without any need for changing the original at all, the optimal number of possible tweaking combinations may improve when substitutions can be made. In the example far above, a substitution of 2 single right facing [ `` ] and 2 single left facing [ ´´ ] quotation marks over the standard opening and closing double quotation [ " ] marks, improves the desired effect and readability under {{PL-indent}}. Depending on the application and your settings, this kind of substituion can allow for an optimal number of tweaking combinations due to the relation in size and spacing based on using the em unit of measurement for each variant.
  1. based on the newer calling convention of the standard {{Indent}}

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