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This template is used on many of our recent featured pages, so breakages in this template reflect badly on Wikisource.

Please do not try to fix this template without discussion. Report problems on the talk page. Most of the revisions in the history are also broken, so rolling back will not help.

Template for transclusion of scanned pages. In addition to transclusion, it adds a button "links to scanned pages", which appears underneath the toolbox in the monobook skin, which when clicked will display a button "[page]" at the beginning of each transcluded page. The [page] buttons allow the reader to navigate to the transcluded page which should contain the pagescan.

  • num : page number to display instead of "[page]"
  • section : include only a section of the transcluded page, using Labeled Section Transclusion (LST)
  • section-x : include a transcluded page without the labelled section, using LST
  • position (deprecated) : display links to pages at n em from the border

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