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This template is a navigation aid for the Portal: namespace. It creates a box that both displays the portal classification and provides links to the appropriate portals. This navigation system uses an adapted version of the Library of Congress Classification system.


Place inside the notes field of {{Portal header}}.


{{Portal Class
 | class     =
 | subclass1 = 
 | subclass2 = 
 | number    = 


  • class: The main subclass
  • subclass1: The main subclass
  • subclass2: The secondary subclass
  • number: This parameter is not implemented at this time. It exists as a provision for possible future use of the number segment of the Library of Congress Classification system.

If no parameters are passed to the template it displays the default text "n/a"


To label a portal as part of Subclass AM - Museums:

{{Portal Class
 | class     = a
 | subclass1 = m
 | subclass2 = 
 | number    = 

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