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Portal subpage
Portal subpage
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Used for subpages of named items in the Portal: namespace, eg. People, Ships, Items, where there is the collection of information, though unlikely be the need to link directly to the subpage, or the page is transcluded to be a component of a parent page.

Adding {{Portal subpage}} to the top of the page will generate the title within the header and a back link to the parent portal page.

This template will add the portal subpage to Category:Portal subpages


The template can take the following optional parameters:

  • title: To override the automatic title in the portal header.
  • next: A link on the right hand side on the header if further subpages exist.
  • notes: Notes, a description or other text in the notes section of the header (as normal for a header template).
{{portal subpage
 | title    = 
 | previous = 
 | next     = 
 | notes    =

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