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This template uses a notification system to alert (ping) one or more users that you are replying in a discussion. It works on any talk page or Wikisource namespace page.

This template may be helpful in discussions that are not threaded, to indicate which user's comment is referenced.


  • it isn't necessary to use this template to ping a user if you are already linking to their username from your post
  • as an alternative, the {{talkback}} template may be used, but is not required when this template is used

Single recipient[edit]

To use this for a single notification, add :

{{reply to|User1}} Message text. ~~~~

For example, "{{reply to|user1}} Message text." displays as:

@User1: Message text.

The comment must be signed and belong to a section in order for the notification to work. The prefix "User:" of the recipient is not required.

Multiple recipients[edit]

You can reply to up to 7 people at once. Use the following syntax:

{{reply to|User1|UserII|UserC}} Message text. ~~~~ displays as:
@User1, @UserII, @UserC: Message text.

Customise punctuation[edit]

By default, the template will insert a colon after the final name. To change this, specify the required character using the |p= parameter. For example:

"{{reply to|Example|p=—}}" produces "@Example"

The parameter omits leading or trailing spaces. Use   instead. For example:

"{{reply to|Example|p= –}} Text message" produces "@Example – Text message"

To remove the colon, use the parameter with an empty value:

"{{reply to|Example|p=}}" produces "@Example"

To "seamlessly" chain more than seven recipient notifications together:

"{{reply to|Example1|Example2|Example3|Example4|Example5|Example6|Example7|p=,}} {{reply to|Example8|Example9}}" produces "@Example1, @Example2, @Example3, @Example4, @Example5, @Example6, @Example7, @Example8, @Example9:"


The notification system will only work if the editor adds a signature in the edit with the ping. See w:Wikipedia:Notifications for additional details.