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This template is for producing rotated text. This is an experimental template and should not be used on pages until outstanding issues are resolved:

  • The width is not adjusted after rotation.


{| border
|height=80px width=80px|{{rotate| 90|Hello world}}
|height=80px width=80px|{{rotate|-90|Hello world}}
|height=80px width=80px|{{rotate|180|Hello world}}

Hello world Hello world Hello world


The text may overlap elements above and below.

Technical notes[edit]

This template uses the CSS "-webkit-transform:rotate(90deg); -moz-transform:rotate(90deg); -o-transform: rotate(90deg);" to achieve rotation. Older browsers may not see this effect, but it is reported to work on IE 6+, Opera 10.5+, Firefox and Webkit-based browsers like Safari.