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Add this template to the talk pages of any work that has been copied from a transcription rather than the primary source (such as texts copied from other online digital libraries).

Wikisource may be repeating errors made by the original transcribers or otherwise not necessarily presenting an accurate text. This template provides this information to the reader and adds a tracking category.


  • scan: A link to a scan (external or as an Index page) of the work
  • notes: Additional notes


 | notes = These are notes
 | scan  = [[Index:Lange - The Blue Fairy Book.djvu]]


This template adds pages to Category:Works with second-hand provenance. Categorisation will only occur when the template is placed correctly on a talk page associated with the main namespace.

See also[edit]

  • {{project gutenberg}}—A specialised version of this template for works copied from Project Gutenberg.