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This template simplifies the formatting of text set side-by-side.

Parameters (all optional)
left (1) The text for the left hand side
right (2) The text for the right hand side
nb Commentary text, shown in small font underneath
align-l, align-r The text alignment of the two sides, defaults to "left"
width, total width, defaults to 90%
columnwidth, column width, defaults to 49%
gap, half the minimum gap in the center, defaults to 1em (giving 2em gap in total)



Quatrains of Omar Khayyam (tr. Whinfield, 1883) - Text divider.jpg


Quatrains of Omar Khayyam (tr. Whinfield, 1883) - Text divider.jpg


At dawn a cry through all the tavern shrilled,
"Arise my brethren of the revellers' guild,
    That I may fill our measures full of wine,
Or e'er the measure of our days be filled."


Who was it brought thee here at nightfall, who?
Forth from the harem, in this manner, who?
    To him who in thy absence burns as fire,
And trembles like hot air, who was it, who?

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