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{{{1}}} {{{2}}}
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This template may be used to gather several equations with left-flushed text.

 {{textgather|text1|eq1 [ |text2|eq2 [ |text3|eq3 … ] ] }}

The template has an even number of arguments.

  • The odd arguments produce left-flushed text.
  • The even arguments produce centred equations.

Currently, the template supports up to four lines of equations, but this may easily be expanded. NOTE: providing up to 4 lines of equations right now; add more if you need more


The odd arguments, the texts, are displayed flushed-left. The even arguments, the equations, are displayed centred at full width. The text arguments may be empty. One odd argument and the following even arguments produce one line of text.




One a+b=c
Two d+e=f
Three g+h=i
Four j+k=l


  • Equation width is maximised; this may lead to early line-breaking in the other two arguments if they contain breakable whitespace.


  • If the total length of all arguments is too great, unintended line-breaking and overlapping may occur.
  • Currently, only up to four equations (eight parameters) are supported, but more may be added easily.

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