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This template is used to add certain characters of the Thai alphabet that are not supported by Unicode, such as those used in ancient inscriptions.


Form 1
{{Thai special character|add character}}
Form 2
{{Thai special character|1=}}
Form 3
{{Thai special character|add character|s=}}
Form 4
{{Thai special character|1=|s=}}
  • 1 = add character
  • s = add needed size of the character, such as "10" or "15", default is "8"
see #Characters to add and #Examples also

Characters to add[edit]

Character Examples
Thai Roman Templates Result
อิ i {{Thai special character|อิ}}
{{Thai special character|i}}
อี ii {{Thai special character|อี}}
{{Thai special character|ii}}
อื uue {{Thai special character|อื}}
{{Thai special character|uue}}
อุ u {{Thai special character|อุ}}
{{Thai special character|u}}
อู uu {{Thai special character|อู}}
{{Thai special character|uu}}
yo ying {{Thai special character|ญ}}
{{Thai special character|yo ying}}
tho than {{Thai special character|ฐ}}
{{Thai special character|tho than}}


Example 1[edit]

{{Thai special character|อี}}สบเก้าเข้า{{Thai special character|อุ|s=9}}ฃนสามชนเจ้า{{Thai special character|อื}}เมองฉอดมาท่{{Thai special character|อื}}เมองตากพ่{{Thai special character|อู}}กไปรบ



Example 2[edit]

{{Thai special character|ii}}สบเก้าเข้า{{Thai special character|u|s=9}}ฃนสามชนเจ้า{{Thai special character|uue}}เมองฉอดมาท่{{Thai special character|uue}}เมองตากพ่{{Thai special character|uu}}กไปรบ



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