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"[[The Times/{{{1}}}/{{{2}}}/{{{3}}}|{{{3}}}]]," in The Times ({{{1}}})

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To provide a means to create a structured hierarchical link to an article printed in The Times of London

  • year – year of publication
  • type – see Existing Types below
  • article – base subpage name to be used for work
  • override_article – if the displayed name in the link is to be different from the article name used for the work


{{The Times link|year=1906|type=News|article=Dr. Garnett's Library}}
{{The Times link|year=1906|type=News|article=Dr. Garnett's Library|override_article=The Library of Dr. Garnett}}

Existing Types[edit]

  • Arts
  • Court circular
  • Editorial
  • Funeral
  • Honours
  • Inquest
  • Letter to the Editor
  • News
  • Obituary
  • Public notice
  • Wills and bequests

Wherever possible please use one of the above types, and with the displayed case. If others are thought necessary, please discuss on the talk page.