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{{Tls}} is a variant of {{Tl}} for templates which should be substituted.


{{Tls|template name}}


Code Result
{{Tls|dated soft redirect}} {{subst:dated soft redirect}}
{{Tlsp|dated soft redirect|2=url="http://www.wikilivres.info/wiki/The_Little_Prince"}} {{subst:dated soft redirect|url="http://www.wikilivres.info/wiki/The_Little_Prince"}}

See also[edit]

  • {{tl}} unsubstituted version
  • {{tlp}} unsubstituted version with parameters
  • {{tls}} substituted version
  • {{tlsp}} substituted version with parameters

General-purpose formatting[edit]

  • 1 {{tlg}} is the most general, allowing any combination of text style and/or link style options.
  • 2 Prevents wrapping of text by placing it inside span tags.
  • 3 Uses monospace font but not code.
  • 4 Allows links to templates in any namespace.