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Helper template for the display of UK roadsign diagrams on Wikisource in relation to Index:UKSI19810859.pdf




  • diagram - Diagram number of the diagram as given in the Statutory Instrument.
  • text - Caption or explanation as given in the Statutory Instrument.
  • notes - optional - Additonal notes as given in the Statutory instrument - typically a reference to a specfic "Regulation" or "Direction".
  • variant(s) - optional - Permitted variants text, as given in the Statutory Instrument.
  • image - optional Image name or an @prefixed code to change the handling, used to display a specfic image. Currently supported options are:
    • @dia - Uses the image or vector graphic at Commons [[File:TSGRD_diagram_xxx]] where xxx is based on diagram parameter. Use an additional newno parameter to give the current number of the relevant diagram if it differs from the diagram parameter or there is a need to add a year.
    • @null - No image is known, display a {{missing image}} warning.
    • @todo - An image exist but has not yet been uploaded , displays a {{missing image}} warning.
    • @dft - An image of the sign conforming to the relevant diagram exists in the UK Department for Transport's Traffic Signs Image database but it hasn't been uploaded.
    • Otherwise the content of this parameter is assumed to be a File name on Commons without the File: prefix or brackets.
    • Note the default behaviour at present is to load a temporary image from [[File:UK_traffic_sign_diagram_XXX]] based on the diagram supplied.
  • img-size - Optional - Override default image size, to enable different scaling on some diagrams. Default is to display at 100px size.