The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Örebro

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ÖREBRO, a city of Sweden, capital of a län or province of the same name, situated at the W. end of Lake Hjelmar, which receives here the Swarta river and forms a harbor, 100 m. W. of Stockholm; pop. about 9,000. It is of great antiquity. The town has manufactories of cloth and hosiery, and an important printing establishment. In the vicinity are the Adolfsberg mineral springs. Here were held the memorable assemblies of the states under Gustavus Vasa in which Lutheranism was declared the religion of the kingdom (1529), and the crown was made hereditary (1540). Preliminaries of peace between Sweden and England were concluded here in April, 1812; and a treaty of peace between England and Russia was signed here July 12, 1812.