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Edition of 1879. See also Francesco Coghetti on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

COGHETTI, Francesco, an Italian painter, born in Bergamo, Oct. 4, 1804. He studied in that city under Diotti, and in Rome under Camuccini, and executed various fine altarpieces for churches in Bergamo, which led to his being employed upon paintings for the cathedral and other buildings. For the villa Torlonia at Rome he painted the exploits of Alexander the Great, and he also embellished Prince Torlonia's villa at Castel-Gandolfo and his palace at Rome. In his frescoes in the basilica of Savona and many of his oil paintings, including the "Condemnation of St. Stephen," which procured for him an order of knighthood, he has closely imitated the old masters; and he stands at the head of a new school, which strives to revive the classical style of painting.