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Edition of 1879. See also George Finlay on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

FINLAY, George, a British historian, born at Glasgow, Scotland, about 1800. He enlisted at an early age in the cause of Greek independence, and has since resided in Athens, acting for many years as the special correspondent of the London “Times.” He is noted for his thorough knowledge of Greek topography, art, and antiquity, and is the author of a series of works on Greek history, comprising “History of Greece under the Romans” (1843; 2d ed., 1857); “History of Mediaeval Greece and Trebizond” (1851); “History of the Byzantine and Greek Empires from 716 to 1057” (2 vols., 1853-'4); “History of Greece under Othman and Venetian Dominion” (1854); and “History of the Greek Revolution” (2 vols., 1861).