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The American Cyclopædia
Jakob, Ludwig Heinrich von

Edition of 1879. See also Ludwig Heinrich von Jakob on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

JAKOB, Lndwig Heinrich von, a German author, born at Wettin, near Halle, Feb. 26, 1759, died at Lauchstädt, July 22, 1827. In 1780 he was appointed teacher at the gymnasium in Halle, and in 1791 professor of philosophy in the university. He was very popular as a lecturer on metaphysics, but after 1800 turned his attention especially to political economy. When the university of Halle was broken up by Napoleon, he went to Kharkov in Russia as professor of political sciences. He distinguished himself as member of a committee appointed to suggest reforms in the finances of the empire, and received various tokens of regard from Alexander I. He was soon after appointed chief reviser of the criminal laws, and received a place in the department of finance. In 1816 he returned to Halle as professor of political science. A fourth edition of his Grundriss der allgemeinen Logik appeared in 1800; of his Grundriss der Erfahrungsseelenlehre in 1810; and a third edition of his Lehrbuch der Nationalökonomie in 1825. Prof. Jakob was the father of “Talvj,” the wife of the late Prof. Edward Robinson.