The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Knaus, Ludwig

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Edition of 1879. See also Ludwig Knaus on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

KNAUS, Ludwig, a German painter, born at Wiesbaden, Oct. 5, 1829. He studied in Düsseldorf, and became famous in 1850 by his admirable genre pictures of humble life. He resided in Paris from 1853 to 1861, in Berlin from 1861 to 1866, and in Düsseldorf from 1866 to 1874, when he was appointed minister of art at Berlin. Besides many portraits, his works include “The Gamblers,” “Peasants' Dance,” “The Funeral,” “A Fair, with a Chief hunted by the Police,” “The Gypsies,” “The Golden Wedding,” “After Baptism,” “The Juggler in the Barn,” and more recently “The Coffee Hour” and “Mud Pies.” Engravings of his works are especially popular among the German peasantry.