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MÖRIKE, Eduard, a German poet, born at Ludwigslust, Würtemberg, Sept. 8, 1804. He attended the gymnasium of Stuttgart, prepared himself at Urach and Tübingen for the ministry, and was for a while a pastor. But ill health impelled his retirement, and he was teacher at Stuttgart till 1866. He is one of the best of the Swabian poets, and has made excellent translations of Anacreon and Theocritus. His works include Maler Nolten, a novel (Stuttgart, 1832); Gedichte (1838; 4th ed., 1867); Idylle vom Bodensee (1846; 2d ed., 1856); Das Stuttgarter Hutzelmännlein, a fairy tale (1853); Vier Erzählungen; and Mozart auf der Reise nach Prag, a novel (1856). Lachner set to music his opera Die Regenbrüder, and Hetsch and F. Kauffmann many of his songs and ballads.